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1. File Ownership and Rights

ZIP Start Ups owns the exclusive right to display, promote, share, and utilize the designs purchased by the Client for portfolio purposes. ZIP Start Ups will not use the identifiable marks of design work such as specific color scheme, text, and imagery as brand pieces for other companies or organizations.

2. Timeframes and Workload

ZIP Start Ups will set timeframes based on current workload. There will always be an effort put forth to be as transparent as possible concerning projects on the queue and the ability to complete new projects before a certain deadline. Please always allow CJB Designs a minimum of one (1) week to get your files delivered for approval. The good news is that ZIP Start Ups holds a reputation of offering quality design at a less costly rate, so the designs allow for a smaller window of work time resulting in a faster turnaround. For Clients who are seeking a more involved process of design that allows for more time to be spent and a more decorative product output, please consider CJB Designs.

3. File Submissions

ZIP Start Ups asks that the Client submits files in a transferrable method. The current age allows for file submission to be less time consuming via the use of e-mail, portable drive memory, or compact disc memory. ZIP Start Ups asks that the client refrain from delivering content in written or printed form, as this will require re-typing and an increased chance of error. If files are submitted in written or printed version, ZIP Start Ups will be required to add a typing fee of $25 an hour projected at the time of request.

4. File Delivery

ZIP Start Ups will deliver sample files via e-mail for approval and revision. Final files that exceed 20MB will be delivered via third party e-mail platforms that may include but are not limited to,,, or Please note that the third party platforms will require the Client to download the files, and will typically need to be supported by a personal computer.

5. File Approval and Revision

ZIP Start Ups will complete work to the best of its abilities as a graphic design and branding media company. Should there be any errors on the part of ZIP Start Ups, they will be accounted for as a part of the design process and corrected at no charge. Because the information is collected up front, two (2) small text additions, image tweaks, and word changes will be accepted at no charge. Additional changes, additions, and deletions will be billed at $35 per change. ZIP Start Ups views the design process as one to be regarded as permanent, thus making it important to be clear up front which elements and pieces are to be included or excluded.

6. Payments Rendered

ZIP Start Ups begins work with a financial commitment on the part of the client that makes up 50% of the balance on the project fee. Once the work has begun on ZIP Start Ups's part, the 50% commitment is non-refundable and covers the expenses of work. Once files are submitted for review and approved, the remaining 50% is required prior to final delivery.

7. Hours of Operation

ZIP Start Ups functions as a business, and operates on a standard schedule. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10AM to 4PM. ZIP Start Ups regards "business days" in line with the shipping cycles of major organizations including UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service, and will project shipments accordingly.

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